3 questions to Anna North, author …

If I say POP CULTURE : What immediatly POPS to your mind ?

These days when I think of pop culture I think of TV first. I know it’s a cliche that we’re living in the golden age of TV (or maybe the golden age is supposed to be over now), but I’ve found TV to be a big inspiration for my work for many years. Right now I’m watching A League of Their Own and The Resort.

If I say femal artist : Who do you think of ?

When I hear the phrase “women artists,” I think about a wonderful book by the writer Yxta Maya Murray called Art Is Everything. It’s a novel blended with art criticism and it’s all about how women artists, especially queer women and women of color, have made their work and lives in a world often hostile to them. It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in women and art!

Name some artist(s) : you would absolutely sell your soul to work with ?

Last answer (got cut off): — I’m so in awe of a lot of my favorite artists that it’s hard to imagine working with them. But as long as we’re just daydreaming, I’ll say I’d love to have Kristen Stewart appear in an adaptation of one of my books one day. I love her work and her taste and I would love to see her interpretation of one of my characters!